Our Mission 

At Inspired, we know what we stand for. Solid Ethics. Unparalleled Quality. Steadfast Unity. Candid Dialogue. We believe that as we see each task through to an exceptional conclusion, we earn the right to serve the people of our community. The relationship between our company and our customers becomes a two way street in which each party benefits the other. As a result of our joined forces, we will impact our local and global world with hope.


A Word About Our Mission:

Our MissionInspired isn't just in the business of telling you where you can save energy. We are ultimately dedicated to building relationships that are positive and strong for years to come. We're on this road together... it makes sense to treat others better than we want to be treated personally.

Our Mission Statement isn't just a piece of paper that hangs on our office wall. A lot of companies write these things because they sound nice and the organization hopes to move in that general direction. But, when you look at the perception that's created by their approach to business, it doesn't line up at all.

We wrote our Mission Statement after being in business for two years. It was the result of a look back at what we'd seen success tied to. It had nothing to do with what we hoped to become...instead it was a declaration of who we already are. When we say the things that you just read, we are stating without apology that our community will only operate according to these values.

When we speak of ethics, we mean that we'll have absolutely no part of deception. When we speak of unparalleled quality, we mean that we will stand behind our services till the bitter end. When we speak of steadfast unity, we mean that we will stand beside our clients and our "family" to ensure everyone's mutual success. When we speak of candid dialogue, we mean that we'll ask tough questions and expect real answers from our clients. Our solutions will only be based upon the actual need sets that we find.

If this resonates with you, we should probably talk. If you think it's a sales gimmick, dig deeper. Do your due diligence. We already know what you will find. That's a good place to be...

Contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to serve you.


Denny Duchene
Inspired Green