Let us help make the home you live in safer and more comfortable.

Let us help make the home you live in safer and more comfortable.

Home Performance Retrofits

After receiving a comprehensive Home Performance Report from Inspired Green, you may choose to correct the critical deficiencies identified in your report. If so, the next step is called a Home Performance Retrofit and is also known as "weatherization."

Through the Snug Home program we connect you to licensed contractors in your area and provide 3rd party oversight on the final product to ensure the job is fully completed and that you can take advantage of rebates you qualify for.

Air Sealing

In most North American homes, the largest culprit of discomfort and structural failure in the home is a high rate of air leakage. Through a combination of blower door testing and infrared imaging during the Home Performance Assessment, we're able to pinpoint the exact sources of air leakage, which we then seal using a combination of materials and techniques. Air sealing is generally one of the most cost-effective solutions in Home Performance Retrofits.


Although most homes built since the 1970's do contain some amount of insulation, what comes as a surprise to many homeowners is how poorly that insulation was originally installed, or how much it has settled over time (reducing its R-value and performance). It is also surprising to most homeowners that loose fill insulation loses most of its effectiveness when exposed to moving air. Depending on the results of your assessment, we can install a variety of insulation products to achieve maximum effectiveness.


Older heating and cooling equipment can be a prime source of discomfort and energy problems in a home. In addition, improperly functioning combustion equipment can present very serious health and safety issues. If we discover opportunities for improvement in your HVAC systems, we will refer you to one of our trusted trade partners for these solutions.

Roofing and Ventilation

It is often surprising to homeowners how important a properly ventilated attic is to their house as a system. The majority of homes we test have some deficiency in their attic ventilation, which can result in moisture buildup, structural failure, or premature shingle deterioration. Depending on the need, we have the capability to do simple ventilation improvements or total roof replacements.


Although it's largely a myth that a home needs new windows in order to be energy efficient (insulation and air sealing are generally the most cost effective solutions), in certain cases new windows can do wonders for a home's look, comfort, and energy performance. If this is a priority for you, we offer a wide range of quality windows and doors to meet every need.