Sometimes the big problems are under the surface. Let us help find them.

Sometimes the big problems are under the surface. Let us help find them.

Home Performance & Energy Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your home $499

Your house is a lot like the human body.

Think about it... Your home has a skeletal system, the framing. Your home has a respiratory system, your HVAC system. Your home even has a nervous system, the electrical system.

All of the systems in your home have to work together in order to provide a comfortable, safe, healthy, and affordable place for your family. When one system isn't performing properly it has a negative impact on other systems. Think about when you have a runny nose... It doesn't mean your nose is "broken"... other systems in your body cause your nose to display a symptom that something isn't right.

Our Home Performance & Energy Audit is like an MRI for your home. We use a variety of diagnostic tools such as blower door testing and thermal imaging to analyze how the systems in your home work together. This allows us to use science to objectively and accurately diagnose the root causes of problems your family may be experiencing.

Our Home Performance & Energy Audit includes:

  • Visual Inspection of Your Home
    • Identify any obvious issues
  • Combustion Safety Testing
    • Comprehensive carbon monoxide testing
    • Comprehensive gas leak testing
  • Blower Door Testing
    • Measures a building's air tightness
    • Helps to identify where air and moisture are moving in ways that can cause serious problems for your family
  • Thermal Imaging
    • Essentially see into your walls to look for...
      • Air movement
      • Insulation problems
      • Moisture.

All of our findings are analyzed and compiled into a detailed Home Performance & Energy Audit Report.


The great news about the Home Performance Assessment process is that it is extremely valuable, fast, and highly informative. Before you make ANY upgrades to your home, you must take this step...even if it is with another company! It totally eliminates the guesswork and the risk of unintended consequences that come with fixing what is probably your most important investment.